Public Information Centres

Two Public Information Centres (PIC) will be held to present and receive input on the project, including mitigation measures. These events will be held in an ‘open house’ format.

The purpose of PIC #1 is to introduce the study and present information regarding:

  • Study background.
  • Existing environmental conditions and constraints.
  • Proposed design and environmental mitigation measures including:
    • Provide enhancements to make the final design more sensitive to local context such as using appropriate materials sympathetic to the Credit River Valley, landscaping, and maximizing views to the heritage bridge and cultural heritage landscape features.
    • City of Mississauga active transportation initiatives within the project limits.
    • Commemorative strategy opportunities
  • Various design details.

The purpose of PIC #2 is to present and seek input on the:

  • Comments and responses from PIC #1.
  • Final design details.
  • Summary of potential effects and proposed mitigation measures.
  • Construction staging.

We encourage people to attend the PIC to learn more about the project and to share opinions and comments on the information presented. PIC materials will be posted in this section of the website. Please submit your contact information through the Contact Us page if you would like to receive direct mailings from the project team for milestone events such as the PICs.