Community Workshops

Two Community Workshops will be held during the project.

The objectives of the workshops are to engage a group of community members in more focused discussions to:

  • Act as a sounding board – a forum for discussing options and sharing ideas regarding the project.
  • Provide input on the direction and recommendations of the project from a community perspective.
  • Obtain a broader sense of community reactions and concerns, and how these might be addressed.

The issues to be discussed are similar to those that will be discussed and the PICs, including:

  • Existing environmental conditions and constraints.
  • Proposed design and environmental mitigation measures including:
    • Provide enhancements to make the final design more sensitive to local context such as using appropriate materials sympathetic to the Credit River Valley, landscaping, and maximizing views to the heritage bridge and cultural heritage landscape features.
    • City of Mississauga active transportation initiatives within the project limits.
    • Commemorative strategy opportunities
  • Final design details.
  • Summary of potential effects and proposed mitigation measures.
  • Construction staging.

The workshops are intended to be inclusive and will allow any interested parties to participate. The first Community Workshop will likely be scheduled after PIC #1.

If interested in participating in the Community Workshop please indicated your interest and provide your contact information through the Contact Us page.